Joseph Mansour jewelry is one of the oldest jewelry stores in Damascus – SYRIAjosephmansour which was related with the world of diamond and jewelry.
On 1965 we opened our first store in souk-alharika, for more than 40 years we were creating our own designs and offering a very high level of services.
Today we come to you with our new touch ,by opening our new saloon in ARNOUS SQ, bringing what is exciting and selective in world of jewelry, we conserving our Saloon to be one of most modern jewelry saloons that contains a distinguished number of creative unique designs considers all tests.
We strongly believe in placing our customer in the heart of our business, our steady continuous relationship with out customers enables us to render the highest level of services.
Our staff consists of a strong team with keen and open minds, happy to converse with customers in five languages and cyber services. Our specialty in styles comes through our own professional atelier which contains a number of must professional designers, modalists and stone setters.
Experience and reputation, gained in this 4 decades have naturally constituted pursue for distinction in new trends and excellence in production supported with global experience gained by being part in many international jewelry shows.